Tuesday, June 28, 2011

La encuesta

" Los estudiantes se demoran mucho tiempo en empezar a trabajar en la clase, no oyen al profesor o no trabajan bien ", son otras de las preguntas que hizo la Ocde, en la encuesta Pisa 2009, a jóvenes de 65 países , para medir su disciplina. En los resultados recientes de la última pregunta "los profesores deben esperar mucho tiempo que los alumnos guarden silencio", Chile aparece en el lugar 59, muy abajo del promedio Ocde.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tell/Say; May/might

                    1   Choose the correct word, say or tell.
      a. I get really angry when you tell / say lies.
      b. When you see Sean, could you tell / say hello for me?
      c. Please, could you tell / say your sister that I can't meet her tonight?
      d. They tell / say Georgette is French, but she could also be Canadian.
      e. They tell / say me a good joke everyday.
       f. Tell / say me a lovely story, please ladies.
      Might \mait\ (Podría) less probable &
          may \mei\ (Puede) more probable

2 Fill in the gaps in the sentences with may or might.
           (= less probable; (✔✔= more probable).
       a. (✔✔) If it's sunny tomorrow we _____________ go to the beach.
      b. () I´m not sure yet but I _____ study engineering or computer sciences.
      c. (✔✔) The economic situation is not very good and unemployment _____ increase.
      d. () I tried phoning him but he doesn't answer. He _____ be out or taking a shower.
      e. () Don't worry! It's not too late. Your friend _____ still come to the party.

Linking Words

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Checking the Test


After completing most of our investigation we can now report that most languages spoken in the world today are not static, meaning that they change with the times, can incorporate new words, and can take words from other languages. We can also confirm that a language can be considered alive when the population that speaks it as a primary means of communication remains.
When we talk about an extinct language it doesn't mean that no one remains who can speak the language. Several languages such as Latin and Coptic are used for ceremonial purposes, and people may still learn these languages in school.
As our investigation shows, an extinct language can be a source of another language and such was the case of Latin that transformed into the Roman languages, including Italian. As we can see in our study, English comes from its own extinct language, Anglo-Saxon, and from an infusion of French words.
Language extinction may also occur if a natural disaster or genocide destroys a whole population of speakers. Alternately, people may live in areas where two languages are spoken and gradually one becomes the language of choice while the other dies off.

II. Choose one linking word to join the sentences.

a. They are buying new curtains and / because they want
to redecorate the living room.
b. You need to take a bus but / and a train to get to the
c. I like orange juice but / because I don't like apple juice.
d. I got a really good grade on my test because / and I
studied really hard.
e. Although/ besides a laptop, the winner also gets a cash prize.
f. Mr. John lives in Rancagua or / but he works in Santiago.
g. He is eating a cake now and / besides drinking a glass of milk.
H. Besides / although he speaks English very well he doesn’t speak Spanish and / but he is taking lessons.

III Beside or besides?

a.My mother works in a bank all day beside / besides she has to do the housework.

b. You should get off the bus at the next stop
beside / besides the traffic light.

c. That man lives alone. Beside / besides no one talk to him.

d. The Church is beside / besides the bank.

e. You should sit beside / besides your brother.

f. When she is sad she doesn't like any company beside / besides her pet cat.

        IV  match the meanings

a. John has a really big mouth………. v. He talks too much and cannot keep secrets.

b. We don't see eye to eye on almost anything…… iii. We can't agree or compromise on    things.

c. My daughter Catalina is the apple of my eye….. iv. I love her more than anything else in the world.

d. Everything in that new boutique costs an arm and a leg…….. ii. The things they sell there are really expensive.

e. Mmm, give me some more chocolate. I have a sweet tooth……i. I love sweet things such as cakes and ice-cream.

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